The history of Slovenian Savings & Loan is a very proud one, built with a cornerstone of local roots and community interests. This philosophy remains true today and continues driving our progress and growth.

From this humble beginning in 1915, our company has grown into one of the leading financial institutions serving the surrounding area. It makes us extremely proud to be able to continue saying what we’ve been saying for years...

We’re big enough to serve you, small enough to care.

Slovenian Savings & Loan originates loans which we retain and fully service. We also offer loans which we sell on the secondary market. Our approvals are done locally, by local people, allowing us to make quick decisions on all of our loan applications. We also offer reduced loan rates when payments are automatically transferred from your SS&L checking or savings account and FREE pre-qualifications.

The SS&L GREAT RATE Loans, big savings and quick decisions...always a great choice.